Unlocking Infinite Horizons:

Our Multifaceted Drone Applications

Our diverse service offerings encompass an extensive array of drone applications, including Aerial Surveying and Mapping, Infrastructure Inspection, Environmental Monitoring, Construction Site Monitoring, Telecom Tower Inspection, Oil and Gas Facility Inspection, Real Estate Marketing, Wildlife Conservation, and Event Coverage

Aerial Surveying and Mapping

Our drone aerial surveying and mapping services utilize advanced payloads such as lidars and full frame photography payloads. Not only saving time and cost, aerial surveying and mapping provides insights into the area of interest by the creation of topographical mapping and 3D modeling

Navigating the Skies:

Pioneering the Future of Precision Mapping from Above.

Elevation Models and 3D Reconstructions:

Generate elevation models and 3D reconstructions, revolutionizing land surveying and cartography with unprecedented detail.

Land Management and Development:

Support land management and development with site scouting, allotment planning, and design, offering a comprehensive overview for informed decisions.

Precise Measurements:

Deliver highly accurate distance and surface area measurements, ensuring precision for various applications.

Stockpile Volumetric Measurements:

Quantify stockpile volumes with aerial measurements, optimize inventory management and resource allocation through precise quantization.

Infrastructure Inspection

The utilization of drones in infrastructure inspections provides in-depth data and visuals, offering essential information for maintenance planning and record-keeping of bridges, power lines, and other critical infrastructure.

The information drones gather can be transformed into precise 3D digital twins, aiding in spotting structural irregularities. Such insights provide better foundation for determining maintenance urgency, budget considerations, and resource.

From the localization of hotpots in power lines to theidentification of cracks in dams and bridges, our infrastructure inspection service provides insights beyond human sight without risking personnel.

Revolutionizing Infrastructure Assessment:

Experience a new era of infrastructure inspection with our advanced technology.

Risk Elimination:

Safely inspect structures such as bridges and power lines without endangering human inspectors.

Precision Imaging:

Capture intricate structural details that may go unnoticed by the naked eye.

Precision Imaging:

Enable proactive, preventative maintenance to extend the lifespan of critical infrastructure.

Environmental Monitoring

Our drone aerial surveying and mapping services utilize advanced payloads such as lidars and full frame photography payloads. Not only saving time and cost, aerial surveying and mapping provides insights into the area of interest by the creation of topographical mapping and 3D modeling

Advanced Agricultural Precision:

Discover how our technology revolutionizes agriculture with advanced capabilities.

Tree Counting with Precision:

Generate high-resolution maps for accurate tree counting.

Construction Site Monitoring

With weekly and monthly site visits, high quality aerial surveying can be performed on-site. Contractors and construction firms can monitor their subcontractors, materials, equipment, and stockpile volumes.

By utilizing drones, HoverUp provides the opportunity for construction personnel to generate Computer-Aided Design (CAD) overlays and assess whether their activity has diverged from the design plans, preventing costly reworks.

Empowering Precision in Every Project:

Explore the ways our technology improves construction site monitoring.

Tree Counting with Precision:

Generate high-resolution maps for accurate tree counting.

Progress Tracking:

Simplify real-time monitoring and reporting of construction progress.

Volume Estimation:

Precisely calculate material volumes for construction needs.

Structural Evaluation:

Ensure the safety and integrity of structures during construction.

Telecom Tower Inspection

HoverUp provides 3D modeling of telecom towers, resulting in detailed inspections of towers, antennas, and infrastructure, supported by the generation of digital twins.

Additionally, it is possible to deploy thermal imaging cameras to identify high-resistance joints and potential failure points as part of our communication and cell tower inspections.

This service allows telecom companies to perform preventive maintenance resulting in the reduction of downtime.

Next-Generation Telecom Tower Solutions:

Exploring the future of inspections.

Upgrade Compatibility Evaluation:

Ensure seamless integration of advanced infrastructure upgrades through rigorous technical assessment.

Post-Installation Excellence:

Elevate your closeout inspections to unmatched levels, ensuring the highest quality standards.

Optimizing Lifespan and Maintenance:

Maximize infrastructure longevity and simplify preventative maintenance scheduling.

Oil and Gas Facility Inspection

HoverUp provides the inspection of various components in oil and gas facilities, capable of capturing photos and videos with excellent quality and clarity, enables inspectors to accurately assess the condition of the flare stacks, tanks and electrical components (e.g., transformers and power lines) supported by the creation of 3D digital twins. Furthermore, the radiometric thermal cameras allow the study of performance and function, and identifies temperature anomalies on the flare stacks.

Redefining Inspection Methodologies:

Dive into the forefront of oil and gas facility inspections and explore their intricate applications.

Remote Monitoring:

Real-time surveillance for heightened security.

Predictive Maintenance:

Anticipate equipment needs to minimize downtime.

Gas Leak Detection:

Pinpoint harmful gas emissions swiftly and accurately.

Real Estate Marketing

We understand that selling real estate is a lot more work than simply putting a sign in the front yard or posting pictures on online platforms. You need to have a listing that stands out in the crowd. You need aerial photographs, aerial videos, and drone maps for the best listing.

Transforming Property Presentation:

Exploring advanced approaches in Real Estate Marketing.

Aerial Property Showcase:

Provide an aerial view of property size and layout, offering a comprehensive perspective for potential buyers.

Unique Listing Angles:

Capture property listings from distinct and captivating angles, providing a fresh and engaging view.

Enhanced Property Inspections:

Elevate property inspections by employing tools, ensuring a thorough and efficient examination process.

Wildlife Conservation

By utilizing drones with advanced payloads, HoverUp provides the monitoring of wildlife populations, tracking migration patterns, and anti-poaching efforts.

By performing regular aerial photogrammetry of wildlife areas; this service facilitates 2D maps of large areas to monitor animal count and detect land poaching activities.

Advancing Wildlife Conservation:

Explore innovative approaches to protect and preserve ecosystems.

Effective Conservation Strategies:

Utilize real-time data to develop efficient wildlife conservation tactics and allocate resources effectively.

Ecosystem Monitoring:

Track ecosystem changes to aid in habitat preservation efforts and adapt to evolving conditions.

Long-term Preservation:

Safeguard the enduring health of wildlife ecosystems, ensuring the conservation of our precious natural heritage.

Event Coverage

We provide pictures and videos covering all angles of your special events. Using our advanced drones, we broadcast a “live” video feed to audiences around the world on Facebook, YouTube or TV channels. Our drone photography & videography projects provide numerous safety features, beautiful 4K quality, adding a cinematic quality to any occasion.

Capturing Unique Perspectives:

Unlocking Event Coverage from above.

Enhance Visual Appeal:

Add a visual dimension to event coverage, providing stunning aerial views and dynamic shots.

Capture a Different Perspective:

Capture unique angles and perspectives, adding depth and excitement to your event footage.

Event Live Streaming:

Enable seamless live streaming of events, delivering real-time excitement to audiences worldwide.

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