Tactical Applications:

Tailored Transformations

HoverUp places a profound focus on precision engineering to transform drones into versatile and adaptable assets for tactical and military operations. Our Engineers develop versatile and adaptable drones that excel in diverse missions and environments.
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Illuminating the Skies:

Experience unforgettable moments with HoverUp’s Drone Light Shows
Our skilled pilots and creative artists collaborate to bring your visions to life, illuminating the skies in mesmerizing displays. We pioneer drone light shows as an innovative form of aerial artistry.
Managing every aspect from conception to execution. With a dedicated drone training center, diverse sector expertise, global reach, and technical proficiency, we support your unique business needs.
Whether it’s corporate events, public celebrations, private occasions, promotions, or product launches, we offer a diverse range of applications.

Choose your drone show:

300 Drones
500 Drones
1000 Drones
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