In a resounding display of innovation and technology, HoverUp participated at this year’s GITEX Global, the world’s largest tech exhibition, held from October 16 to October 20.

A standout feature of the exhibition was the introduction of the “Robodog.” HoverUp’s collaboration with Ghost Robotics has successfully introduced the “Ghost Vision 60” to the Dubai market. Our team effectively demonstrated the Robodog’s adaptability to address a wide range of industry-specific requirements, showcasing its versatile capabilities.

Furthermore, HoverUp shared its exhibition booth with its esteemed partners, including Skydio, DJI, Flyfire, and DSS. This collaborative presence within our booth signifies our appreciation for their invaluable support and cooperation throughout the event.

The booth encompassed the launching of the Skydio X10 for the first time in the MENA region. A drone with advanced features, positioning it as one of the smartest drones in the world, was another standout moment at GITEX.

HoverUp also featured DJI’s newest product, the Matrice 350 RTK, highlighting its precision and outstanding performance. Additionally, we showcased the DJI Dock M30T, highlighting its ability to allow users to work smarter with automation.

After a successful GITEX 2023, we are looking forward to GITEX 2024. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of drone technology remains committed, and we are dedicated to creating solutions that will redefine industry standards.

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